Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One picture...

Yesterday our Palindrome Girl Hannah came by for some painting time out in our two-car studio. She'd been out there quite some time on her own when Pat and I popped out to see how things were coming along. Turned out she wasn't alone at all.

There, sitting in plastic lawn chairs neatly lined to one side, were Cheyenne and Felicia, our neighbors' daughters. [Their dad John featured prominently in a recent post.] The girls let us know that Hannah had been telling all kinds of stories to them that come from the Bible and they wanted to know if they were really true. Yes they are, we assured them.

Then Cheyenne showed me the painting she'd done the night before of her sister Felicia. Cheyenne had asked me a couple days earlier if I'd look at her artwork if she made some, so she went home and made some. And Cheyenne, if you're reading this, you captured Felicia's freckles perfectly.

She promises more artwork. And so do we. Stop out in Centennial Park in Waukee at the Art Fest going on from 3:00-8:00 p.m. this Saturday to see how the mural turns out. It's a very interesting take on "The Lord is my shepherd."

I'll even look at any pictures you bring with you.

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