Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Minions Do Their Own Thing

One of my dogs is part Great Pyrenees, a beautiful breed created to guard livestock. As such, she often just humors me when I give directives, then promptly does what she "knows" to be best. It's kind of like that with our crew on the latest art project, an interpretation of Psalm 23. Sometimes the minions listen to my bidding, then do what they think best anyway.

Palindrome Girl Hannah lets us know she's not happy with some aspects of the design because of how it relates to the passage. Joe, signed on to teach not paint, announces "I'd like to try painting," and does. Getting Pat not to overdo is a constant struggle, but the girl's gotta do what -- as she said yesterday -- she was born to do. Yeah, she's paying the price bigtime today, but how can we possibly ask her not to DO art.

It's all good. I'm glad they bring something to the table.

My favorite of the day yesterday: Our neighbor John was curious about the doings in our garage (studio) the night before. (Wow, Kevin's actually cleaning the place up!) Hearing about the project, he commented that he likes to draw, too, but not things we would be interested in, like skulls and stuff. So the next day Dave invited John to design a specific piece of the mural using what he likes to do. And John's already been working on it. Couldn't get ever get John to come hear me preach because church just is NOT a place he feels comfortable -- but this he does! Terrific. [I'm not telling tales out of school here. Barb will likely read this and show John, so let me be the first to say, "John, we're glad to have you!"]

And if you're wondering how "skulls and stuff" fits with "The Lord is my shephered" from Psalm 23 -- stay tuned!

In the meantime, view some pics at:

And shout outs to Pat, Joe, Dave, Hannah, and John for the obvious. Guess I'll look elsewhere for minions.

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Brandt Marshall said...

Way to go Mayers and project 23. You guys are doing great and I was so impressed to see how God worked to bring John over. Won't step in a church, but will participate in a painting designed to reveal God through art. You got the ball rolling.