Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's an Art Thang

Funny how sometimes a random comment in a group clicks with everyone at once. That collective A-Ha! moment when somebody sums up what we were all thinking. Hannah did that last night as our artists met together for the August "Art as Discipleship" project. The question: What do all of us in this room have in common? Hannah's answer: We all believe in the power of art.

Not bad for our college freshman with an ongoing bout of food poisoning! (Feels lousy and still drags herself to the meeting because she just doesn't want to miss it. You go girl!)

She reminded me of what I told the budding creative-types at the Challenge seminars. Not only is art God's idea in the first place, it has a powerful purpose in His plan. It's NOT window-dressing. (With all due respect to any window dressers reading this.)

How do I know this? From Exodus. The movie version is Moses up on the mountain for 40 days getting the 10 commandments, but that's not the case. God gave His Big Ten to all the Israelites at the base of the mountain, along with a bunch of other guidelines. So what was so important that God spent 40 days telling Moses, alone? The artistic plans for the altar, tabernacle, priests' clothing, perfume, etc., that He wanted them to make -- plans given and recorded for six chapters in extreme detail because each artistic detail underscores the truths He was illustrating.

And the best part? God actually names the artist He wants to head up the whole shebang because God made this guy an artist. Bezalel -- whose name means "in the shadow of God". Oh yeah, God believes in the power of art, too.
Shout-outs to our artists working hard to dig into Psalm 23 and bring it to us in a new way. And to Matt for dropping by with fruit last night. Remember KC teammates Chad and Traci in prayer as they settle into their new digs -- in an art district. Guess they believe in that power-of-art-thang, too.

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