Saturday, July 5, 2008

Challenge Conference Round 3

Kevin teaching at Challenge 08

Hey, even though we are back home, safe and very tired, we wanted to let you in on the last of our Salt Lake City adventure.
Kevin taught one last seminar on using Art as discipleship and with what we had been learning from listening to the students, made some small changes to the class to emphasis the importance of being an artist in the Kingdom. (Mostly because that is what we find in the bible)
We had some wonderful feed back from some of the leaders and students alike and hope to hear what God is doing in the future in these people's lives. It was a priviledge to be a voice that encouraged and enlightened people as to the true nature of God's perspective on the arts. Thanks for the opportunity, Geoff.
Just to give you some perspective on the number of kids there! 5,300 total. this is just about a third of the lunch room!

Shout outs to Jennifer and Greg Liably (who graciously and diligently took care of us and anything we needed), Geoff and Deb, Hannah, Joe, Chellee, Sally, Frank, Eric, Karen and Richard who drove us home from the airport and blessed our socks off!

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Tom & Sandy said...

Glad to know you are home and resting. We have been praying for God to use you and grow you.
We love you!