Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Challenge Conference Round #2

Had a wonderful experience today. I got to be a part of evaluating a number of young artist's work at this conference. I, along with three other artists, was able to talk one on one with painters, collage artists, sculptors and even a videographer. It was a wonderful experience because I was not only able to listen to their hearts but to encourage them in their work.

One young woman from Pella, IA (I know! we laughed about how we met in Utah and both grew up on a hog farm!) who was very talented and encourage her because of the power in her work and how that was going to move people in ways that a sermon never could.

Another y0ung woman who had a beautiful painting there was so encouraged to hear there was a place in the kingdom work for her gifts and that they reflected an important characteristic of God.

Obviously, my main goal with each student was to encourage them, give them tips on some of their work and remind them that they are not window-dressing in the work of the church and don't be sidelined! I invited each one to our last seminar tomorrow and hope to see them. I hope God used me today to move them on to great things in His name. It certainly was uplifting to me, I hope it was for them too! Thank you one and all for your time.

Shout out to Dale who puts this together and his enthusiasm and encouragement. And God who gives us such good things!

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dale lewis said...

First off, thank you for choosing to be a part of Challenge ‘08. It was an honor to meet you and have Pat participate in the evaluation portion of the visual arts show. You were both God-sent to the Challenge conference. What a joy for me to watch you interact with the students especially Corey Adams, the young filmmaker. My only disappointment was not being able to attend
your workshop.

May God continue to lead you in His ways and may His kingdom grow because of your obedience and his faithfulness!