Thursday, July 31, 2008

Apparently It's Contagious

PG Hannah dropped by for some more painting time this afternoon. It's hard to keep the girl away, but we knew that. The surprising part is that later her friend Alex dropped by. They were supposed to go shopping. For clothes. In a mall. Teen girls. It's obvious.

But, Alex decides she'd rather grab a brush and dive in with the rest. Pat and I have pleaded with her to go shopping like she'd planned, that she doesn't have to do this, that she should at least put a smock on over her teen-girl-headed-to-the-mall-to-shop clothes. But to no avail. The closest we get is her saying, "Just another 30 minutes."

It's like a disease. I think Dave's caught it, too. Actually, he showed symptoms after the basement mural project. He's starting an arts group at his church that will bring creative-types closer to their Creator through their art. The other night we talked in the 2-car studio and he told me how he has ravenously studied Psalm 23 ON HIS OWN because of this project. Wow. I mean, that IS the point, isn't it?

Shout out to our new friend Alex! And to Steve up in Fosston for the phone call. Looking forward to what we dream up!

And remember, if you're anywhere in the Des Moines metro area, stop out and see us at the Art Fest in Waukee's Centennial Park Saturday afternoon.


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Brandt Marshall said...

I'll start storming down your firewall if I don't get an update on how the Waukee art project went. :-)