Monday, June 16, 2008

Water, water, everywhere....

blub, blubb, blubb, gasp! bubble, bubble,....spurt, gasp!

Columbus Junction: SundayJune 15, 2008 MARY CHIND/THE REGISTER
Had a few friends from out of state ask, so here's the scoop.

We are dry and fine.
(Kevin's Mom's basement is another matter, more on that later.) In fact, only a few parts of the city have flooded, not that that doesn't mean tragedy to many business and homes and families here in Des Moines. But the flood of '93 really did teach us all a lesson and we (as a city) were better prepared for it this time. Not nearly the damage to property that there was then and our water supply has been safe the whole time. Ironically, my Mom's home town of Mason City (north of us near Minnesota) was with out it's water for a couple of days. My mom depends on her well, so they were okay, but everything was closed down in town. they received nearly 8 inches of rain one 24 hour period before they lost the water.
Kevin's mom's basement is a shallow wading pool in portions. Fans, dehumidifiers and vacuums have been of some help, we are hoping that the few days of respite from rain will help us (meaning Kevin) get caught up on the sponginess down there.There is carpet and padding rolled up and left on curbs all over town. Stories of basements collapsing and flooding all over. Just a bit of moisture here and there in our basement, nothing towels and a mop couldn't handle easily.
Yes, Cedar Rapids is a disaster and Iowa City (also sorely damaged in '93) is fairing better. Look out! it is all going down stream. The national guard is out all over the state and here in Des Moines. The TV scrolls the need for sand baggers most of the time. But the river has crested earlier and lower than they expected. God has been very gracious. Ironically, the last time we had such a flood was the year we bought the house and were working on repainting etc, just like we are now....hmmmm. Guess we should wait another 500 years before we do this again!
Thanks for the concern. You guys rock. Thanks for watching the news.

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