Monday, June 23, 2008

PFO #1 -- TBD

Hey all! We've finished our first day of Pre-Field Orientation and are settling down for the night after having eaten and then watched some TV from Netflix we brought with us. Pat spent the morning recovering from the flight out yesterday and then was able to join in for most of the afternoon sessions. The last session was about crisis management -- that is, how CrossWorld deals with the unpredictable for missionaries overseas. Pat asked me afterward, "What kind of crisis are we gonna have in the middle of Iowa?" Oh I don't know, maybe one of our team will have a debillitating illness. "Oh."

Last night I looked over the various little bios on the group who is here on their first step of this process, Candidate Orientation (C.O.). Because it's the beginning for them, many have yet to even choose where in the world they'll serve. They're location is listed as TBD, to be determined.

Made me think how often our intended location has changed during our time with CrossWorld. First it was the U.S., with trips overseas. Then it was to be France. Now it's the U.S. again, with the intention that we'll be heavily involved in sending others to the many regions of the globe we can't go. I remember how when we went through C.O., many of the others in attendance went through a time of great searching and hard choices in choosing a location. (We didn't. We already knew it was the U.S. Er, the pre-going-to-France U.S., not the we'll-be-staying-here-after-all U.S.)

I had a caboose to this train of thought when I started this post, but it doesn't seem so profound now. Anyway, we all really live with the TBD as our intended location. The real location is often something different than what we imagine, but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the One we travel with doesn't change. He's the same: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

CrossWorld's purpose is put into the slogan: We worship. We love. We go.

Go where? That's to be determined. But still we go.

Shout outs to those making it possible for us to be here (Chellee, Sally-cat, Eric/Karen, and my mom), Pat's mom for the cane, and for the always-impresses-us CrossWorld staff. After all this time, we're still in the pinch-me phase with them.

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