Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prayer Requests for trip

Got an email from our dear friend Bet-tahy (that's how we say it) asking for specific ways to pray for us on our upcoming trip.

Nice work "B" here's some highlights, though don't rule out the Holy Spirit's input on this list, it may be extensive, but not exhaustive!

Pray for Kevin's strength. He is getting the house put back together, getting us ready for being gone for two weeks, getting a seminar prepared and a hundred other things. He's tired and sleeping badly. (Not complaining about it, I just notice this stuff)

Pray we have a rewarding time at Pre-field orientation. I need to be disciplined about saying "no", which is difficult because I love being around people and having a good time. We want to be an encouragement to those around us that week.

Pray our flights are not difficult to connect. That I am able to get wheelchairs at the airports and at the convention center in Salt Lake.
Again, our hope is that we ignite a fire in artists for greater involvement in the Kingdom work.

We will try to keep posting to the Blog during the trip...we'll see...these days we are hesitant to make guarantees:)

Shout out to the Jensen's, the Hoyt's, ALL those who pray for us!!!!! and my mom for the cane. Love it! Cheryl O. and Linda! What servants!

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Jan Graham said...

Hey Mayers! I have not forgotten you or my promise to "call this week"...which was last week. OK, better late than never! I see from your blog you are on the move and so we'll just keep both in our prayers, and check back with you when you get home. We still want to get together! Thanks for your encouraging words for us, and for all you do for His Kingdom. You both are such blessing to those who see His power at work in your lives. God Bless and be well...Jan