Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just a little spousal pride...

I know, I know, I am a totally impartial judge...but I thought you may want to hear Kevin's last two sermons at FCC. They are about the struggles and trials we have found ourselves in and how God has met us there. The second one is about closed doors and what to do then. He is (again, totally unbiased) very good. I hope God speaks to you through them as He has through many of you who have responded to us.

This is the link to the FCC site where you can listen or download the sermons. He is #31 and #32 :)


Thanks everyone for all you do for us. It has been a tough two weeks for me and Sunday was the six month mark since I have been so severly effected by this illness. Please, keep praying, we treasure them.

Shout out to Simon and David for the treats and bringing Mom to see me. Shout out to Mom, for the cane and coming in the torential rain!

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Dave Cline said...

I too think Kevins teaching at the church was awsome.