Monday, May 19, 2008

Seeking Painters

Been having this memory thing going on lately, more so than can be explained by the years creeping up on me. I walk into a room and just stand there, trying to remember what it was I was doing, or even where I was heading. It wouldn't be so bad if it only happened once in awhile, but it's becoming something of a pattern. At least, I think it is. I don't remember. But I'm dismissing it all as just twirling way too many plates at the same time but that's just the season I'm called to be in at the moment. This, too, shall likely end up smashed on the ground at my feet.

Anyway, my point is that sometimes I'm missing the obvious. Been reminded of that a couple of times today as we're looking to our next Art as Discipleship project. I need to come up with some painters for the project and have been wondering where to find them. Just now, teammate Joe was over for the weekly confab about the doings and he helped me remember that we have contacts galore just a blog posting away. (That's where you come in.)

We need some painters who have only been following Christ for a relatively short time or perhaps are just checking out this whole God-thing but are willing to use their art talents to find out more of what the Bible has to say about God relating to us. There's a bit of a commitment involved as we need the painters to attend some sessions together during July with the culmination of a mural painted in public on August 2nd. (No basement this time, we'll be outdoors.) If that's you, or it sounds like someone you know, drop me a line.

Shout outs to Steve and Joe for today's idea fodder. Rumor has it that I'll actually remember some of them. And other S.O.'s to yet more supporters letting us know they're standing beside us. You guys are amazing!

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