Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's All in the Timing

There is a certain just-rightness about God's timing that's undeniable. Yesterday I got an email from Elisabeth at CrossWorld headquarters saying, "We specifically prayed that God would show Himself to you in a surprisingly fun way this week!" Then this morning while I was on the couch reading and praying, I asked God for a bit of His encouragement, a show of His love, as we're facing some challenges. I literally was in the middle of asking when the doorbell rang. And there stood one of the biggest encouragers we have. (No names, he'd hate it.) He said God had placed us in his mind three or four days ago so he decided to just drop in to see how we were doing. Gotta love the timing.

Last Sunday I preached at our church, which you know I love to do. We looked at turning to God in the midst of a trial and instead of seeking release or rescue, asking Him to reveal more of Himself and His purposes through the trial. I'm "at bat" again this Sunday and we'll look at the other half of what Pat and Kevin are learning right now.

You see, Pat's condition is a trial for us, but it's also a test. The popular saying is that God doesn't close a door without opening another door or a window or an escalator. But actually, that's not anywhere in the Bible, even remotely. But what IS in there, is that our response to the closed doors we encounter will reveal our resolve to live out the heart of God. Do we go back the way we came, or do we punch a hole in the wall and climb through because we know what God says He desires, and that remains our passion and purpose? We know which way we want to live.

As we're pursuing the expanded-scope, slightly-relocated version of our ministry, we've also decided to be a part of a new church starting up in Waukee (called Westwind). We think we can be of help there and we think our ministry will benefit. And, we hope we're modeling for our current church what we've been saying is important to us -- believers striking out in new ways to live out the heart of God. Since Pat and I espouse it, we think we should live it, too.

But, we'll be hanging around for a few more months, so no need for any goodbyes yet. I just wanted to let you know before I say these things on Sunday.

Shout outs (in case you missed it) to E. & Crew at CrossWorld and the friend at the door this morning.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I writing this with a tear, because I came here to see how I might encourage you or let you know we were praying for you or really just to find out how you were fairing in the rain, if it is raining still where you are and what happens. YOU bless my socks off.
You are so right. God does not close dors without another one opeing. Our trials or test are to help us grow. by growing God can use us for greater glory in His kingdom. If we let HIm. I'm in a growth sprut right now. It hurts!! But my God is a great God and He knows me better than I know my self. I need to grow and become better, more committed, walk closer to HIm. YOur example is what I needed. You are an open door.
Thanks for your committment to serving Him no matter what your condition. God doens't want all of you. He just wants your all. We love you and are continuing to pray for you. Hope that your are safe in His arms in the storm.
TED and Julia