Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pat Has Been Doodling

I have been playing with some pastels recently. Thought I would share some of what I have been doing.
Top: (approx. 10" x 8") Practice in grey on grey paper
Middle: (7"x5.5") "Old Italy" From a photo taken by Chad Jackson in Italy (ink)
Bottom: (7"x5.5") Practice in Pastel - worked from someone elses artwork to learn how
Shout outs to: Mom H., Sally Cat, Big Jim, Paul M, Lisa W, Elizabeth B., Stan and Audrey, Jim O., John S., and Mark, Karen (& Lydia) AND the whole bunch of you praying for our trip!!!!


Amy said...

LOVE the practice in grey on grey paper....nicely done, my friend!

the Unprofitable one said...

i really like the one with the trees. very nice

Anonymous said...

I like the one of Ronald Reagan!

Love you guy's.