Tuesday, February 26, 2008

We Think We Scared Them

First, let me say to Tom and to the waitress and to Lisa, "We're sorry. Didn't mean to scare you." But it's been a red-letter day and we're happy.

Won't bore you with the details, but after searching for information about what might be medically happening to Pat, we felt that we needed to see Pat's regular doctor to explain the course we wished to follow and to overcome some stagnation that seemed to be settling into the whole process. Not pointing fingers here, we think Pat's regular doctor is the cat's meow! The "system" however, gets a big thumbs down. So I guess I'm sorta pointing a thumb. Anyway, we felt that after a couple of months we weren't any closer to an answer as to what's causing Pat's debilitation. (But she's watched a lot of movies in bed, so there's an upside!)

We've been thinking that weighing against us is that Pat's symptoms have never been seen in "their full glory" by anyone but me (Kevin). So we've been videotaping and I slapped together a little DVD to show the doctor. But this morning Pat was having a rough time, so she decided to push herself in order to make sure the symptoms hung around long enough to last through the appointment. I'm speaking tongue-in-cheek here, as "pushing herself" was simply as rigorous as fixing her hair, sitting up, and getting dressed in the time it would normally take the rest of us to do so.

It worked. Didn't even need the DVD. The doctor and her med student could clearly see what we were talking about as Pat sat there with her hand curled up and tremoring wildly, her head involuntarily turned sidewise to the wall (sorry Pat, next time we'll turn your chair to face us), and her wandering jaw and tight neck making talking difficult. The doctor was very understanding and we're all in agreement as to the next step: an appointment with the Movement Disorders Division at the hospital in Iowa City. In fact, the appointment has already been made in "system"-defying speed -- March 7! Oh yeah.

So the scary part was that we ran into our friend Tom in the parking lot. Don't worry Tom, we understand. It takes a little getting used to. And then we went out to lunch since Pat has been bed-bound for several days running -- we were both pretty euphoric over how well the visit went. The waitress was very nice but is probably still wondering just what was wrong with that lady. And then poor Lisa did Pat's nails. The hand had settled down, but this was clearly not the Pat she was used to seeing. It all was good for a laugh and now our gal is back in bed resting.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and encouragement. God is good. So a big shout out to you! And to Jim (yet again), Dr. Newland, Dr. Dan, Tammy, and Tom & Sandy.

Oh yes -- check out the first video to come from the art weekend project at http://nightmayer.com/13.html We'll have a second video there soon as well, so stayed tuned.

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Come on, March 7th!