Friday, February 15, 2008

"We have ignition..."

Well, it's started. Our little "basement art" project has begun and the eyes of the world are upon us -- well, my mom said she'd drop by tomorrow. Things are going very well and nobody has gotten hurt yet. That's always a good sign.

Just so we're all on the same page, we've been espousing the idea for sometime that we can help artists grow closer to God by having them use their own art to engage the Bible. So, teammate Joe has met with three artists on three occasions to discuss the passage in Luke where three different people tell Jesus they'll follow him. (All those 3's are just a coincidence, but kinda fun.) This weekend, in our basement on our wall, the artists will be painting a moving, evolving artwork that we'll videotape. When it's done, we'll add narration of the passage and music, speeding up the tape to run in just a couple of minutes. We'll let you all see the final product, we promise.

So, I've already had my first "oh, that's cool" moment where I got just a glimpse of the potential in this. This first night was just a small test with one of the artists to help us get our sea legs, then tomorrow we hit with all three at once. [Watch the webcast here: ] Anway, it was late and time to give our artist a ride home. He found his Bible on our dining table where he'd left it earlier in the week. He grabbed it, and before we made it to the front door he was looking up the passage he'd just spent three hours painting. We've studied it for three weeks, but after working on it, he felt compelled to return to the passage to see what else might be there. Oh yeah.

Teammates Chad and Traci are here for the shenanigans as well. Check out their blog where Chad has already put some pictures he took of the first night. He's promising for frequent updates throughout the day Saturday, too.

Okay, 11:03. Time for bed. [There's that number again.]

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Adam Clarke said...

Nice job guys! I can't wait to see the final project.