Tuesday, February 5, 2008

no news is...

The old saying, "No news, is good news." came to mind yesterday when we were asked again for an update on my condition...

When Kevin orI travel alone somewhere, like you know, Target or even Super Target or Brazil, we adopt this adage, "no news is good news". Because, we firmly believe that if there were something really wrong the non-traveling spouse would hear about it one way or another, but if things were fine there was no need for the traveller to try and make contact just to say that nothing was wrong. (One of the many reasons we don't use a cell phone very much.)

But yesterday, as I said earlier, it occurred to me that sometimes "No news" is just tthat..."No News". The last blood work came back with no news, so we have nothing to report. No news.

That's the big blog update folks. Nothing to tell yet on my (Pat's) health. I suppose by virtue of the fact that I am writing this myself, that tells you something, I am semi-upright but still in bed and grateful everyday for the laptop.

A big shout out to those who have sent cards and emails and prayers on our behalf. Thank you! Shout out to Cheri for the awesome food and hugs. Shouts to Mom Mayer for her encouraging call and brother David for reminding me that watching just one giggling baby on youtube can turn your mood around.

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natsnot said...

half way tween sunset and sunrise, no slumber yet
and as the night leaves room for minds to choose
dark allies of misfit thoughts in the absence of light
or noble visions bridging evening light to morning dawn,
I choose tonight the narrow way of walking in that light!
and there I find our Lord, of course He first Is our light,
there also comes another world born within thought itself
of woe to those who go tonight, this moment, the next
having never listened, listened to Jesus plea of love, oh
our heart believer sister and brother, is torn in pain.
I want to pray "Lord let this never be again", but He
is most saddened of all to watch His love sometimes
slip away..... and here I sob, please show me what to do.
And this world of light chosen in the thinking of the mind
walks on... there are many concerns in this will outside
my own and strangely I find no need to concern my self
but those conditions only where He leads me by the heart
of His will, and what thanks I have for revelations True that
Truth brought so personally, so many gifts to know Thy will.

So next it is we find more people to consider, always
people or a person Your divine will takes to account and
always it is the lens of Love that shapes these thoughts
beyond intense focus to a nameless perspective that must
claim Your supernatural as the source for such clarity.
faces of those Your name has joined me to in blood
family You have made us in this covenant of salvation
and prayers now prayed in this way only You can see
of thanks for victorys and joys unearned, even unyearned
for are these never ending gifts You call into our lives
and then prayers, still inspired in Your Spirit's will
for struggles in the very midst of being wrestled, fought
ongoing wars sometimes in sin sometimes santification
and other times still in sovereign choice meant beyond
our understanding for purposes above knowledge known
and these prayers often grip me most awesome God!
moments allowed a larger perception of Life created
struggling, fighting, wrestling, HOW UNCOMFORTABLE
to really know we are ALIVE and participating in a battle
where the welfare of others could be impacted not by
whether we "think" we are winning or losing BUT through
the manner in which we carry ourselves while walking
through the battlefield or where we find the strength we
exhibit from time to time while lying wounded in Your care.
AHHH! The challenges, struggles, these seasons of
adversity wonderful Lord of Life Eternal slay us of
our very "self" that to only You will we prove true. and
finally this long night I see how even darkness is as day
to You. and my thanks for the assurancance from You
in these prayers of revelation, that Your mercy lives strong
for us to witness time and again as you finish each battle
on our behalf and annoint us victors with You, our Savior.