Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meet the Guinea

The past two or three weeks Kevin, Joe, Pat and three artists have been involved in an experiment. Nothing too dangerous, just a mixture of bible study stirred with vigorous amounts of creativity. Here's the premise:

If God gifted some of us with a bit of creativity, why not use that not just in reaching out to creative-types with the gospel, but to disciple them using their innate abilities to take in information and process it in a creative way...Hence the mural project.

We have three artists, one teacher, one artistic director, one mastermind over it all. We have studied a passage from Luke and now after three weeks of work we are going to paint a mural about that passage and put it on video, compressing hours of painting into just a few minutes of fast video.

Let's meet the artists:

First up, Alan. Don't let his quiet demeanor fool you, behind those grizzled good looks are years of design experience. His ability to wield a paint brush will dazzle even the youngest contenders.

Next, meet Dave. His introduction into the arts was a bit "unconventional" as a graffitti artist. He is a live wire ready to tear up the wall in the basement.

And then there's Hannah. No "token teen", this high school senior packs some major artistic wallop. Keep an eye out for her killer doodles and ninja spud. (We're still not sure what that even is, but we like.)

Watch the mayhem unfold live this weekend on our website at . And we'll keep you updated on when the final video we make from this event is posted as well. Now, to the lab!


PS Pat's been feeling just a bit better, but not tons. We've designed the project not to tax her too much and to give her the freedom to bow out as often as she needs. Thanks for your continued prayers and support as we look for answers. Lots of shout outs to give, but we'll do that in a later post.

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