Monday, February 18, 2008

In the Can

Way back when, I used to make videos on film. We called them "Films". Catchy huh? Anyway, when a film was done, on its reel, and in its can ready to be shown (and I could finally go to bed), it was said to be "in the can". Haven't found an Information Age equivalent to the saying, so I'll refer to it once more when I say that our work from this last weekend's project is nearly in the can.

And things could not have gone better, seriously. We had people stopping by to help or just lookie-loo, we had viewers on the webcast (just knowing they were watching provided fun for us now end), the artists had a blast, we had a gas watching them, and the videos are turning wonderfully. Sweet and sweet. Here's a gallery of photos from the event that teammate Chad created for y'all:

Fun as it was, my biggest thrill was to see our idea of using the arts to disciple people put into practice. The artists got into the Scripture, ingested them, and taught us all what they learned. Oh, and they had fun doing it, so they want to do more. One of the artists just called me and asked, "What's next?" Hmmm. Maybe we're on to something.

Shout outs to our teammates (Chad, Traci, & Joe) - stellar work, all!, artists Dave, Hannah, and Alan (all stellar as well), Cory, Big Jim (oh yes, we know), Sandy!!!, Cheri, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Stay tuned for the videos, soon as I find the can opener.

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deb said...

Wow! What amazing pictures. As I looked at all of them it really made me wish I'd been there. It also gets me even more excited about what you guys are doing. The Huffmans will continue to pray. We love you guys!
Deb, Jesse and Caitlin