Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Will This Be On The Test?

Here we go -- another jointly written post. The fun never stops at the Mayer Sanitarium.

The big news is that Pat got an early appointment with the neurologist. (Remember that "cancellation list" thing? It works!) Can't say we got any big so-that's-what-it-is! kind of answers, but the doctor did order some testing to be done. Pat goes tomorrow for some further bloodwork, as a result of the bloodwork already done. And her EEG was fine, which was good because she was up all night studying for it.

On the bright side, Pat's had a really good few days. Today she was fatigued, but that's after three days of feeling pretty good and being up and around quite a bit. She says, "Thanks to God's grace and people's prayers." The cards and messages that have come her way have been a great encouragement as well. [She says they make her cry. What a girl!]

In the meantime, sometimes we can't stop the creative juices from spilling, er, flowing. So even in this time when Pat's health isn't allowing her to do a whole lot, we've been dreaming up a new scheme that will allow us to try the whole "art as discipleship" concept on a small-scale, as well as give us a way to illustrate to people like you what on earth we're talking about. Don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet (mostly because the dog is laying here next to me; it wouldn't be pretty), but we'll keep you posted. Stay tuned!

Until then, shout outs to Jim Borst (again!), Cheryl (yum!), Deb (yum, too!), the card-senders, the emailers, and the pray-ers!

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Anonymous said...

still praying. thanks for the update. WHEW!!!