Monday, January 14, 2008

A Wet Sock?

Well, a first for Nightmayer(s) -- a jointly written post. That is, Pat's going to dictate from her temporary home of late (in bed) while Kevin types. He'll of course get to filter what she says this way, which is something that he thinks would be great in normal conversations, but he'll not bother Pat with those thoughts now.

First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of you who have been praying for me. Just why Kevin thinks he needs to "sign off" on the sentiment is beyond me (I read what he wrote while he was letting the dog in just now). I've been blessed with amazing amounts of grace to laugh and joke through this whole thing because of all those prayers. Usually I'm a bad patient (Kevin concurs) but not this time and you have had a hand in that (Kevin concurs again). It's been humbling, touching, and encouraging to hear from so many and see how many great friends God has blessed us with.

I'm all caught up on watching "Heroes" online and have now moved on to the 2nd season of "Lost". Having a wonderful time, wish you were all here. Over the weekend I actually was able to do two loads of laundry, pick up some dog poop, and go to church. If some of you saw me crying in service, it was just because I was so touched by the outpouring of love and friendship shown to me. Then today I've laid around like a wet sock on the side of a swimming pool.

Here's the executive summary of the current medical situation: I'm back at the usual levels of my medicine and have seen no changes. That's good news, as it means this wasn't causing me problems. I no longer really have "episodes" per se -- basically if I exert myself much then I will have muscle spasms primarily in my arms and the left side of my face, as well as feel nauseous. This also brings on a great fatigue. I spend a lot of time "resting" but it's actually hard to sleep at times. Thankfully, I don't have pain associated with any of this.

In order to get in to the neurologist sooner than the scheduled appointment on the 28th, we've asked to be added to the inappropriately named "Cancellation List", which sounds as if you're asking to not have your appointment after all when what you really want is to get someone else's slot if they cancel their appointment. People go to med school for this? Huh.

Big shout outs to: Mclaughlins and Marsha for tremendous meals (what's really cool is that they're used to cooking for families, so they bring over enough food to last us for a week!) and to the many of you who have sent messages of encouragement. It's been heartwarming. Also thanks to Jensens, Joe, and Leopolds for letting me borrow a multitude of selections from your DVD collections. My sanity thanks you.

Under great duress Kevin is adding the following at Pat's dictation (really): I would like to take this opportunity to give a public accolade to my incredible husband. He's awesome.

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