Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Bumpy Night

You're great. One of the reasons for this blog is because of that, because you're a part of everything we do. The encouragement, support, and prayer that comes from you all is crucial. And I've been reminded of this over the last few days as I've heard a number of "I read your blog" comments. That always brings home how important communicating with you is.

So...need to fill you in on some recent happenings. As you may or may not remember, Pat has had a tremor in her left hand for the last few months. Doctors are looking into it and she has an appointment with a neurologist scheduled for December 27th. Then on Sunday, December 9th, Pat had an episode that lasted for several minutes where she couldn't speak, open her eyes, or stand, and her muscles were fairly rigid. Yet she was fully conscious and lucid throughout. That lead to having an MRI last Thursday, which showed nothing abnormal.

Last night we went out for supper and just as we were getting ready to head home I could see that Pat was starting to have the same sort of thing happen, though it was coming on more slowly. So we headed to the ER, where she had an episode that lasted about 90 minutes or so, during which she was curled up in a rigid ball and the muscles on one side of her face were contracted into what she refers to as her "Pirate Face". (It's okay to laugh. She did.) As before, she was conscious and lucid and this time was able to talk to doctors and nurses, though with understandable difficulty. She doesn't have pain during these episodes, but it is uncomfortable.

Eventually it passed and she was fine, though quite exhausted. (Imagine straining all of your muscles continually for an hour-and-a-half.) The bloodwork they did on her also showed nothing abnormal, so we came home. The ER doctor, who had a wonderful bedside manner and showed Pat great compassion, believes that this all has something to do with Pat's antidressant medication but of course we don't know anything definitive yet. Pat sees her family doc tomorrow and then the neurologist on the 27th.

Pat's prayer request? (Straight from the non-prirate's mouth) That we can find out what's causing these things. That's it, really. She's not worried about what it could be or might be or don't-want-it-to-be or anything like that. She just wants to know so she can address it. Until then, it's a bit hard to make plans and function normally (not that we ever did!). I'll join her in praying for that. We'd love it if you did, too.

Shout outs to:
- Borsts, Moores, and Jensens (we know what you did!)
- Jan (for the professional advice)
- Chris and Susan (for your concern)
- Dr. Randleman, Nurse Sandy, and Ben (for the obvious)
- Eric (for doggie bed-down while Pat was shakin' and quakin')


Bill said...

Hey, at least it was a pirate face.
Pirates are cool!
I don't know why,....they just arrrrrrrrr!

Seriously though. I'm glad you are handling this so well! We're praying for you!

Nightmayer said...

Ha! Thanks Bill! Okay, now wanna hear the really funny part. I'm doing my best to keep you-know-who resting quietly. You can imagine how that's going. So I've got her set up watching some movies in bed on the laptop. One of her assigned movies: Pirates of the Caribbean. No kidding. And I didn't even make the connection until I read your comment just now.
Arrrr. You be shiverin' my timbers!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Dear Friends. Thinking of you and praying for you. Hugs to my sister Pat! Kevin, if you can find the movie "Mixed Nuts" with Steve Martin, set her up with that one. It's a funny quirky band of goofballs living out a Christmas one year. Somehow it always makes me happy. And certainly the term "mixed nuts" applies in so many ways to your circle of life as well as my own!
Cara Erickson-Park