Friday, December 28, 2007

And I Even Like the Color

When I was a kid I always went through a brief period of post-Christmas letdown, a time of ho-hum neutrality on the heels of the build-up and focus on the big event. Yesterday we sort of had that happen with Pat's visit to the neurologist. After a couple weeks of focusing on getting to the appointment that we hoped would give us answers to the cause of the strange episodes Pat has been experiencing, there's a bit of a post-visit letdown at the Mayer's today.

We did get some answers. We think. We'll see.

First, the doctor thinks it's possible that the decreases in Pat's medicine over the last few weeks are causing these episodes (her face grimaces and tics, her muscles suddenly become stiff and unresponsive, sometimes there's numbness, sometimes she can't speak, etc.). He's scheduled some testing to rule out other causes, but we got the impression he doesn't expect to find anything.

And perhaps these tests might reveal the cause of the hand tremor -- which he feels is a separate issue from the episodes. Or they might not. (Hmmm.)

So today I'm trying to be careful not to be the ungrateful child who didn't get what he wanted for Christmas. ("That's it? You're kidding.") Seriously, no news will likely be good news in this case. We're quite thankful that the answer to these episodes could be as simple as returning to her regular dosage, and that the doctor did not feel that the medicine was causing the tremors in the first place. (Otherwise we'd be stuck in something of a Catch 22; do you want tremors or do you want episodes?) And we're thankful that the doctor also didn't feel that the hand tremors are a serious issue and it could just be a matter of finding their triggers.

So...we'll keep you posted on what we see develop over the next week, but it looks like we did get what we asked for. Thanks God. And thank you all for the prayers and encouragement you've given us. That, in itself, is an incredible gift as well.

A shout out to Sandy & Tom. Yum!

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