Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Bags Required

Once in awhile I remember the purpose of this blog -- to invite others along on this journey we're taking as we prepare to minister in France. I was working to try to find something else to share with you from "French of Foe?" when it hit me. Just tell them what's going on these days. (Too bad, it was a great little piece with a reference to The Finer Things Club on "The Office", but alas.)

So instead, some things I've been praying about and would like you to join me in doing so.

First, Pat has been having tremors in one hand or the other lately. It started on the trip to France whenever she was very, very tired but has increased in frequency (our theory being that she hasn't slept well for some time now). Not trying to make this a big deal and we're not worried about it, but just trying to share what's happening. She is going to see her doctor.

Second, goals come and go. God's timing is just that -- God's timing. Still, we'd love to see some momentum on the support-raising end of things. We've had some action here and with $100 more in pledges we'll make the goal I am shooting for this month, thereby placing us at 2/3's of the total in commitments to be raised and keeping us on track for raising the additional outgoing costs. (See http://nightmayer.com/3.html for details.)

Third, and I admit I've wrestled with whether or not to share this, I'd love to have opportunities to use my gift of preaching. That seldom happens these days. But I LOVE(!) it when God speaks to people through me. Please understand, this isn't about seeking recognition or kudos or anything like that. I'd put a bag over my head and be the "unknown preacher" if that's what it took -- but I'm thinking we'd all be distracted by that. God gives gifts to his people to build up the church, and I just want to use mine. What's this have to do with France? The more I'm in front of people talking about anything at all, the more we've seen people either attracted to our ministry or, and this is just as cool, reconsider how they can better serve God. We all win. A no bags required.

And shout outs to Adam & Julie (for supper) and Mitch (for the fun weekend visit) and Judy & Brent (for the surpise).

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the Unprofitable one said...

hello friends, thanks for all the love. let me know what you find out about the tremors. I have been concerned about that. thanks for the e mails. good to hear about the support. much love

a servant of JESUS,
Joe W Hartsell Jr