Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nightmayer(s) - The Dance Mix

You have to know my mom. She's got a funny way with a phrase, and sometimes it's even on purpose. These are Mom-isms. One of her sayings is: It's hard to decide when you're undecided. Can't argue with that.

So I'm stealing, er, appropriating this Mom-ism for myself this week. It's hard to say something when there's nothing to say. Or rather, it's hard to make something from nothing. Can you tell I've been concentrating on support-raising? I look at the long list of potential donors I've accumulated and I answer for them. This person can't. This person won't. This person doesn't really know me. This person knows me, and thinks I'm insane. This person KNOWS I'm insane. You get the idea.

Okay, let's focus on somebody besides me -- like you! (Ha.) Or us. When we feel most like we've run out of options, that's when the Creator can step in. I mean, with all this talk about "creativity" and a "creative" arts ministry, we do need to remember that none of us really CREATES. We rearrange. We edit. We make the dance mix. But the stuff is already there.

But it wasn't that way for God when he started. In the middle of absolutely nothing, he speaks, "Let there be." And there is. Now that's "creating". And that's a cool reminder for myself. He loves it when I'm out of options and have to turn back to him for more. Not because he wants me to be discouraged, but because he wants me to rely on him. And then he speaks anew into the void of my problem, "Let there be." And then I can almost hear him add, "Now go make the dance mix."

Okay, so specific things to pray for this week:
- Using some "new" approaches to get our message in front of people. Pray it works.
- All five of our team will meet together this weekend to work on our team's vision and direction. We're editing! Pray for greatly expanded horizons and deep comraderie.
- Pray for our health. Still some minor, but nagging issues.
- Thursday is the anniversary of Pat's dad passing away. She's sad (duh), so pray for her comfort.

Love you all, much! Let's dance!

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