Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unsung Heroes

I had the privilege to speak at Victory Promise Church in Woodward, Iowa, this morning. We talked about Jonah hating the people God called him to go minister to, and our own personal Ninevahs, but I'll blog about that some other time. (I was starting to do so here but it was getting to be too long.)

What I want to do instead is give a big shout-out to a couple of unsung heroes. Former trucker Pastor Joe Karge works as a pastor, a mail carrier, a school bus driver, and the mayor. (I'm pretty sure his wife Jody works a job or two as well.) Wow. Rick Warren calls bi-vocational pastors (a pastor who works another job to support himself because his church can't afford to) the unsung heroes of the faith. I guess that makes quad-vocational Pastor Joe an unsung super-hero. Didn't see any cape, but I think the description is fitting.

But not just because he's busy. It's the attitude he and Jody bring to what they do that's so inspiring to watch. They're servants, to the core. After only a few minutes with them it was plain that their consuming passion is living out God's call to share Christ with a world in need. It's not about them. When I first asked Pastor Joe to have 3 minutes to address his congregation about the need in France, he gave me the entire message time of the service! Why? Because he wants to see believers have an unabashed desire to introduce others to Jesus, that this would be their consuming passion, too.

So...Pastor Joe and Jody will absolutely hate this public acknowledgement of their efforts, but I can live with that. (Shhh, don't tell.) A big thanks to J & J and all the folks at Victory Promise Church!

Oh, and a big "wow" to Pat for being able to musically reference Bob Hope and Journey in the same blog. Impressive.

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