Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thaaaaaanksss, for the prayers you say...

(you need to sing the title of this blog like Bob Hope -or Bing Crosby- to get it)
The photo is Kevin outside of a college classroom in Denmark. (Where your prayers for us were especially fruitful!) This is my new favorite pic of Kevin.

Just a short note to thank those of you who have been praying for us. We feel them and can see the results. We are so very grateful. DON'T STOP! (another song!)

If you are wondering how to pray today (or for the next week) we have a few updates...

  • Kevin is finishing the script for the next two videos that I will edit.

  • He is also working on creating a website for us.

  • Pat is nearly finished with the first major section of the video we are doing about Europe.

  • We need contacts, referrals, and names of people who want to be involved in this work.

  • We are both dealing with some small health issues.

We are so very grateful! We echo back the prayers we receive with prayers for you. (Don't be shy in letting us know some of them!)

November is already starting to look like a busy month! Cool! God is SO worth serving with everything we have!

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