Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And Then There Were Five...

In case you haven't heard, Joe Hartsell, Jr. has decided to join our team!

YIPPEEE!! (photo is Joe "simpsonized")

Can't tell you how excited we are about God doing that! Chad and Traci were informed last night and they are also very excited! Joe, if you are out there, we are thrilled to be working with you! If you want to know more about his decision, go to the horses mouth...joe's blog. (scroll down you will see a link to it on the right hand side called a cup of Joe)

One of the things God showed me on this past trip was the importance of a GREAT team. These are the people you would want with you on a desert island, because your survival depends on them. We are blessed to have that! (Don't deserve it), They are GREAT people! We love them dearly.

I have to tell you, that while I was naming this post, the song "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" came into my head...hmmm....Yeah, it's that kind of team:)



I too am most glad to be part of such a dynamo team. GOD rules!!!

lookig forward to the team get together/meeting

Anonymous said...

Great news!

Interesting that Kevin is now looking like Ned Flanders... hmmmm... wait a tick...what are you trying to say here?