Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's that beeping sound?

Greetings from Voreppe, France (which as we all know is a suburb of Grenoble, ne c'est-pas?). After supper in Lyon last night with CrossWorld missionaries Kevin & Lucy Heater and Cheryl Daily, followed by a mostly direct walk from the subway back to the hotel, we boarded a train this morning and road about 90 minutes to Grenoble, where CrossWorld missionaries Woody & Sue Lewis picked us up at the train station (apparently they'd heard about the walk from the Lyon subway), fed us, and gave us run of their house while they're away for the night. Wow! So we spent the afternoon exploring Grenoble, where there's a three-block strip with nothing but pizzerias, I kid you not, then came back for much needed rest and refocus. A HUGE public thank you to all these missionaries for their gracious hospitality and warmth. Please pray for their encouragement as they minister here.

Tonight the three of us did what we usually do at home -- sat around talking about God and his work to call people to Himself, as well as our role in that. Then we suddenly stopped and sat there in silence for awhile, after which we prayed. It was much needed after our somewhat hectic pace of the last few days. As Joe says, "We really put on some miles." But we've indeed learned much from speaking with so many people in the last few days, so it's been worth it.

Got an email from Steve(!) over in Japan, mentioning he could see from the blog pictures that we're looking a bit thin. He was worried we're not eating enough, so we set to rectifying that by raiding the Lewis refrigerator. Did I mention they're out of town? Anyway, when you have the door of the fridge open too long, it starts beeping at you. We couldn't decide if it's a self-destruct mechanism or just a nag "feature" that helps keep the French looking slim and trim. No matter, we promptly ignored it. Pics are below.

Prayers for tomorrow: Strength for a very long trip tomorrow as we've decided to attempt traveling overnight to Denmark, especially for Pat as she's pretty tired (Jenn, don't tell Mom). Pray for the missionaries I've mentioned.

"Hey, did you guys hear something?"

Pat discovers chocolate cereal, sreaming "Vive le sweetness!"

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Anonymous said...

Bonjour mis amis!

Sounds like your doing well and learning a lot. We are looking forward to hearing more about it all when you get back in the States. We will be praying for your overnighter to Denmark.... we know how long those train rides can be ;-) Just make sure that Pat gets some rest ;-) it makes me just tired thinking of it!
Au revoir pour maintenant,