Sunday, September 9, 2007

Saturday and Sunday

We had a great day Saturday in Paris (this may seem redundant to some of you). We visited the Musee D’Orsay (which houses the greatest art from the mid 1800”s to early turn of the century) and saw works by: Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Degas, Mucha, Rodin, and many more. It struck me while looking at some of the work, how it doesn’t surprise me that the first people in the bible who are said to have been given God’s spirit, are artists. What power! What beauty – not a thing to be handled lightly.

Some of the funny things we heard on the streets today…
“Are we there yet?” – 10 year old American girl
“I know it’s a tad extravagant, but Mum’s supporting it.” - Young British woman
Ahhhhhhh” – a crowd on the street after a scooter driver was going back to pick up a tail light that had fallen off and a bus ran over it.

I just need to get this off my chest too…
We have had nothing but friendly helpful encounters with the French. There, let’s get off the “French are so RUDE!” wagon.

Sunday: Started the day with a great cup of coffee and were off to a Bretheran Church in the suburbs of Paris. Paul Mattson, who is with us for the weekend, knew of it and had met the pastor before. Was a nice, if traditional, service that you all in the US would have been very familiar with.

Came back into Paris for lunch and a nice, if not very traditional, nap.

Went to Notre Dame so Joe could see the inside (and because there wasn't time to see the Louvre) and marveled at how something so magnificent could have lost it's meaning to so many. Specifically, that the entire building (the largest of its time and long after- 1140 A.D.) could possess so much Christian symbolism, from the actual choices in how the building was designed, to the finest detailed motifs, all with the intent to point to Jesus Christ and now be nothing more than a tourist point. I saw thousands of people from all over the world there today, rushing through getting none of it. Frankly even from an artist's perspective, hurrying through such a place, snapping pictures of the highlights to share later, is a terrible way to appreciate even the aesthetic of such a place! (But that is another blog)

This evening, we had a wonderful dinner with Sami and Kyle who are missionaries starting in Paris. They are also drawn to use the arts as a way to reach the French...because it is just... so French ! Was further confirmation to me that God seems to be encouraging us by saying, "You are on the right path, just keep going." Anyway, it was a great meeting of the minds and hearts of others who know of the great need here and have grown a heart for the French. If you ever read this, Sami and Kyle, thank you for your time and sharing your hearts.

- Again, we had nothing but friendly, helpful French people around us today. One very nice young lady even helped us buy our rail ticket this morning, and did all the work for us at the kiosk.

Talk to you all tomorrow. God is so enormous! We are so blessed to get to work for him!

PS: Don’t know what Joe is blogging, but don’t believe a word of it! (unless it is nice about us.)

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