Sunday, September 30, 2007

Relax, God has got our back

God is So Cool!

So, here is the setting:
We are figuring out how to get into Paris by train and as we are trying to get the tickets, we are a bit befuddled by it (as usual) and a couple comes up to us and asked (in French first) if we would like to have their day passes to the train and metro?! This is about $50 or $60 worth of train/metro ticketing and we stood there dumbfounded! I remember thinking yesterday, when I was wondering how God was going to help us out of this expensive layover, knowing he would but wondering how…and up comes this couple with this great gift.

So, even though they will never see this, thank you so to the couple from England who were a huge blessing to us on our last day in Paris. God bless you, where ever you are.

Here are a couple of photos from our last day. Kevin at the Eiffel Tower, and Pat at the Rodin Museum (one of her favorite pieces of all time, “The Burgers of Calais”)

More on what happened today, but later.

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