Saturday, September 29, 2007

Paris: AGAIN?!

Okay…I know that this sounds suspicious, but it really did happen…we missed our plane and now have to (and when I say “have to” I mean “get to”) stay in Paris until Monday. Like I said, we know it sounds suspicious. There is still some arguing about whom or what is to blame! Kevin has suggested a “culpability matrix” to end the finger pointing.

We spent most of the afternoon standing in line. (Really.) In the two hours we waited, only two people were helped. I gotta say, traveling with Kevin and Joe is great even in the worst of times. We joked about having stumbled into purgatory, or how we may have fallen prey to some international diabolical plan between the airlines, the hotels and the shuttle services. It goes something like this: If the hotel gets you to take the shuttle, the shuttle makes you so late you miss your flight and the airline can’t get you onto another flight without an extra ($$$) fee for two days and so now you need a hotel to stay in…who will call a shuttle who will make you late so you miss your flight…you see where we are going with this. If this is true, I am risking our lives by blogging about it!

AND now, for something completely different…

I was reminded (AGAIN) that it isn’t about the results, it’s about the journey. And it’s all a test. Ya’ know how we sometimes realize in the midst of an ordeal that sometimes God is trying to teach us by testing us? I had a reminder of this today in that awful line. I saw it was a test of my resolve to access God’s grace and bestow it on others in a way that gives God the glory. It was a very freeing experience. And as we were finally helped (yes, again, by a very helpful kind French person) I was able to encourage the woman behind us in line that there was a good chance they could get the two seats we had to turn down and would be leaving on Sunday. She was nearly in tears, she was so glad to hear there was hope for them to get back home (not to mention, someone encouraging her and listening to her story)

Thanks for praying, thanks for watching, thanks for reading, thanks for caring.

In His service and taking the test with you…

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Anonymous said...

Well friends, since you "have" to stay in Paris another couple days, we have a list of gift items for you to get for us...:).

We got our own gift today - Charlie! A beautiful black lab mix! OK, so it's only a trial basis right now, but - we're hopeful:). Yeah, you might think it's bad timing, but we'll share our plan later.

a bientot!
Chad & Traci