Sunday, September 16, 2007

A long train (ride) of thought

Where do we start…?

How about a couple of pictures from the journey. Here are Kevin and Joe enjoying a cup of coffee on the train to Denmark. Joe is mumbling something about how small the cups are and Kevin is a bit glazed over from another sleepless night on the train. Pat is still asleep, trying to absorb the coffee through her nose.

We arrived very tired and very hungry after our nearly 24 hour journey from the southern part of France to Denmark. We are in Tenna’s home town of Odense. (FYI: Tenna is the young woman who was a foreign exchange student who became a follower of Christ while in Norwalk last year) It is lovely, as is most every part of Europe. Tenna’s parents are generously keeping us at their beautiful home and feeding us at every turn. They are anxious for us to see a lot of Denmark and are very nice people. We are honored to be here and humbled at their generosity.

I am at the house alone tonight, missing what must be a tremendous meal at Tenna’s Grandmothers home. I have been getting terrible shakes the last three days and probably just too tired, so trying to get some enforced rest. I missed getting to see the ocean this afternoon and nearly made me cry. Tenna’s Grandma wanted to meet Joe so she has invited the entire group over for a traditional Danish Christmas meal. I know she won’t be disappointed with Joe. He is a treasure of a friend and we have enjoyed his company, his insights and his good humor more than we can say. Wherever God plants Joe, he will be nourishment to those he encounters. (Yes it’s true -we secretly hope that God puts him in France.) He has been reinforcing a lesson God is teaching me on this trip… what Paul says in Ephesians 4:29 “No rotten talk should come from your mouth, but only what is good for the building up of someone in need, in order to give grace to those who hear.”

Random thoughts…
People are people everywhere you go. And outside of France, no one much likes the French.

Danish is a very lyrical language. Joe and Kevin are naturals with language.

There seems to be a lot of mistrust of America and its motives and desires. (Many Americans would probably agree with them)

There seems to be a dearth of bible-teaching churches in Denmark (at least in Odense). We visited a church this morning with Tenna, it turned out after about an hour into it, it wasn’t teaching the word accurately. And it makes me angry that there are people misusing the name of God and what Jesus came for. Christ made it simple and deep and we make it complicated and shallow often by using “religion” itself to do so. (See Joe’s blog, it’s very good on this point) There is so much more in what Jesus says than we realize when he said, “I am the truth” This world is full of lies, distortions and deceits! These same lies, distortions and deceits tell us that “truth” is hard to find and something that changes, is ethereal, moving, shifting, influenced by outside forces…it’s not. If it is true, it is always true, in any circumstance, any culture, any time, and for anyone. That is what Jesus was, and is, he is truth, the one and only truth.

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I find the caricatures (right word?) of the intrepid three quite humorous.