Friday, September 21, 2007

It was a dark and stormy night

We left Tenna and her mom, Pia, on the train platform in Odense Wednesday evening for Fredericia in the rain. It was really sad. They had generously and patiently kept us, fed us, entertained us, and tolerated our strangeness for 5 days. What great people! We were very touched by their hospitality. And as we prepared to get on the train, Pia said to me, that they really enjoyed having us. What a sweet blessing it was.

This journey was a reminder that we are pilgrims in this world always. We are ambassadors for Christ’s love and joy and patience. It is a privilege to be used in any capacity by our Lord and this was one more thrilling experience in His work among us.

So after a great night and then a long days train travel…We are in Dusseldorf, Germany. We have traveled a lot (by European standards). I have been told it is rare for a European to take an eight hour drive somewhere, because that would be too far to go.

We are staying with Adaumir and Andrea and their two sons, Tony and Adrian as well as Eve and Birger and their two children who live in the apartment right above them. It is something that God has provided for them, all living in the same building and using the ground floor as the meeting place. Essentially they have the entire building, which is great because as they do music and have parties, they don’t have to worry about neighbors being bothered by the noise. (Germans take their quiet very seriously, and apparently don’t hesitate to call the police.)

The first set of artwork has arrived in great shape, but the last three, that we were schlepping around with us and mailed from Denmark, have not arrived. I am not worried but it would be nice if they came in time for the party tomorrow night. We will see what God has planned…
[Kevin adds: Please pray the art arrives in time. Pat has worked very hard to make them and get them here. She's sitting here and doesn't know I'm adding this at the moment, so let's just keep this between us.]

There is a missionaries card on the fridge here that is how I will ask you to pray today…
“Pray for me….or maybe pray for everyone else!”

By the way, thanks for reading this. :)

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