Monday, September 10, 2007

A whole lotta art

Hey gang! Pat's been doing the trip blogging up to this point, but I thought I'd take a whack at it. Had a great last breakfast this morning with Paul Mattson (our boss with CrossWorld) who then left for home. After that, we squeezed in as much of the Louvre as one dare do in a single day and capped off the evening with supper in the park in front of the Eiffel Tower, followed by a very long walk home. We're pooped. Buy it's a good pooped.

Since we've been here a few times before and the novelty has worn off, I've not only felt more relaxed but been able to observe people more. The last few days of meetings and much shop-talk have given me a lot for mental munching. No big picture popping up yet (it would be too soon for that, which would make me suspicious it's just me conjuring up something, not listening for leading), but more pieces of the puzzle emerging. Huh. Am I being vague enough yet?
Tomorrow we're planning to hop the train to Lyon, in southeastern France. So, here's some photos of our time in Paris for you to enjoy.

[This just in: Pat reminded me that I was going to give you specific, daily prayer requests along the way. Oops, color me a bonehead. How can you pray next? Our next few days of travel we'll be playing compare-and-contrast between Paris, Lyon, and Grenoble with an eye towards where an arts ministry might be a good fit. Pray our eyes will be opened to this. Also, things have been a bit fast-paced over the last few days, so pray we can now slow down and hear God's leading. Hmmm: sight and sound. Yep, pray for that.]

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