Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From Lion to Lyon

Greetings from Lyon, France (that's in France). Here's one last pic from our time in Paris, just to prove to the skeptics we were actually there. As you can see, I'm especially excited about the fountain. Also, note that we gave Joe some markers to keep him occupied while waiting for a meal at supper and he decorated his shirt. We give it thumbs up.
We arrived in Lyon a bit late this evening. Thanks for the prayers as we ended up with a great place to stay when it looked at one point like we might be spending the night in the train station. Apparently due to the rugby world cup and a medical convention, there are no available beds in Lyon's hotels. But, the reservation for this room was literally canceled moments before we arrived to ask for a room. No kidding! The desk clerk thinks it's hilarious.
Actually, we think he's hilarious as he's been a fount of incredible information for us -- beginning with there are no art galleries in Lyon that he can think of (and trust me, he KNOWS Lyon). Huh. Also, we plan to take Joe to a place where we met many youth hanging out last year. The desk clerk, without any of us knowing it, gave us instructions on using the subway to get to a restaurant that it turns out is across the river from where we want to go.
Okay Troy, and all who pray for us, tomorrow's prayer request is that in the time we have here we can make the most of learning about the potential of an arts ministry in Lyon. (Given the above, we can certainly be directed to what we need to see and learn.) And we'll be having dinner with CrossWorld missionaries Kevin & Lucy Heater and Cheryl Daily. Pray we'll be an encouragement to them.
Thanks for the support and prayers!


Cheri said...

Your trip sounds fascinating. All the places you've been, the people you've seen and observed, can truly be pictured in my imagination. It sounds like there is a vast need for your experience, expertise and passion over there. I hope this trip will help cement for you where you are to live and work. You will be missed here, though.

Nightmayer said...

Wow, Cheri, thanks for the kind words. What a blessing that helps keep us going!