Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flying Fast

The high-speed train we’re on just got out of the populated areas and kicked it into high gear. Man, these things fly!

We’ve been rather e-incommunicado lately (that means no internet access), so we haven’t been blogging as much as we would have liked. Actually we’ve been so on the go that I’m not sure we would have had the time and energy to do it anyway.

This trip has been nothing short of incredible. It’s not just that God’s fingerprints are on it – He practically carved His name everywhere. What I mean is, everyone we’ve visited, every ministry we’ve seen, even many of the “chance” encounters we’ve had have all seemed to be linked together. Even yesterday, while we listened to Erwin McManus speak, Pat, Joe, and I would often turn to each other and smile because he would say something that sounded like it had come straight out of our conversation at supper the night before. (I’d swear Erwin was stealing our material but since he’s already written these things in some of his books, I guess I’ll let it slide.)

Okay, a little backtracking. Way back in Dusseldorf, we’d hoped and prayed Pat’s paintings (mailed from Denmark) would arrive for the big party. They didn’t. What?! But we prayed and stuff. Actually, I really do see how it was better they didn’t arrive. Instead, we projected the photos of them we’d taken for our blog (a huge thanks to Rebecca for emailing them to us!), while Pat explained them to the group. So actually, more people we’re able to see them at once – big and dramatic-like on the wall in a darkened room. It was much more impactful. And, the pictures will still arrive there someday and Adaumir plans to display them on his living room wall, in what’s turning into an “art” room. Sweet.

By the way, the gang in Dusseldorf (Adaumir, Andrea, Birger, Evelyn, Antonia, Heinrich, and Betsy) are an incredible bunch. We’re honored to have gotten to work with them on this. We’re sure the mysterious Lucas is great too, but he managed to avoid us all weekend with some lame excuse about driving back from Paris.

Then it was on to Augsburg, where rocker Joe Webb is building a media studio – practically by himself. I’d call him “former” rocker, but I think that would be less accurate. Anyway, we all thought he was super cool. And so’s the studio. Wow! Check out his site for the specifics, but he plans to use it to further his work helping youth know Christ better. And that’s always cool with us. ( )

Yesterday was the Mosaic Alliance conference in Zurich. (Sorry, it just sounds fun to say.) Here’s the God-part. They kept emphasizing how the attendees were invited by someone with the Alliance who thought we should be there, yadda, yadda. For the life of me, I’m not sure how we got invited. But, it was definitely the place the three of us needed to be. Thanks to Erwin, Eric, Neil, and the gang from Dusseldorf (that name just might stick) for making it all happen. And a big shout out to Josia for the ride home exactly when we needed it.

One last thing comes to mind. This is an exciting field to minister in, but all that we’ve met who do so carry a burden of discouragement at times. Please pray for them. Or post some words of encouragement for them here. I’ll make sure they see it. Or give towards Joe Webb’s studio project. (How’s that, Joe?)

Well, the train is still flying along at warp speed, and so are we on our God-adventure. And that, too, is always cool with us.


Lon said...

sounded like an awesome experience, you manage to bootleg any recordings of the sessions?

Nightmayer said...

Ha! Thanks for the laugh of the evening, which we needed. We're still imagining ourselves as idea pirates. "Arrrrr! We'll be taking your gold and your innovative thoughts."