Tuesday, September 4, 2007

And then there were two...

As promised, here's the second of Pat's triptych for use in Dusseldorf. Some of the nuance of the piece is in the details, as with most of Pat's work, so it may or may not translate to the tiny "gallery space" of our blog. What you won't be able to see is that the gold is 3-D gold leaf and that the hole in the figure's wrist is indeed a hole through the piece. This piece is one of the group Pat will have on display in Dusseldorf while we visit a very young church. (Thanks Adaumir for the opportunity! See you soon.)

During my very brief stint in Hollywood (don't ask), I remember an assistant director talking about how much onscreen time does one page of script translate into. As with most of life -- it depends. His favorite script direction to illustrate this was "the indians take the fort". Those five little words could be 20 minutes of screentime. This week for me, three little words have the same inflationary tendency. "Pack for trip" -- doesn't sound like it should take long. Hmmm. Heard an Ecuadoran proverb, "Everything takes longer than it does." Yeah, that's it.

Thanks to Ken & Gina, David, and Ted & Julia for meeting with me in North Carolina last week. Thanks to Lewis for the map (even though he won't see this). And a HUGE thanks to Rebecca for agreeing to sit the canines on somewhat short notice!

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