Thursday, August 16, 2007

"Working..." - God

Have I told you what the paintings are going to be?

Joe and Kevin and I had spent time in prayer one night a few weeks ago and my request was that I didn't have any idea what I was going to do for Düsseldorf (were I am scheduled to be "artist for a night"). Went to bed, and at 5 am I was awakened and thinking about a friend's recent hurt and the word betrayal was so large in my mind, I could actually see it. Then suddenly I became aware that God was speaking to me and so I asked if that was so, and He said, "Get up."

I was drawn to the story of Joseph (Jacob's son, Old Testament, not Jesus' step-dad, New Testament). He was betrayed by his brothers. But not just his brothers, his bosses wife, his fellow prisoners, everyone he had ever served. That made me think of Christ (duh). I had this vision of Joseph in the cistern, stripped and standing in a dark well with his hands spread out on the walls, his head down, in deep thought with God.

That position made me think that it was very like Christ on the cross. His hands out and head down, deep in his spirit talking with God.

THAT, made me think that this position, was very much like the position of praising God!

So, that is the triptych! (a painting word for: 3 paintings that belong together) There isn't much difference between the positions of each of these attitudes even though the circumstances are vastly different (or are they?) Anyway, I thought you guys might like to know.

I am struggling with the actual work of the painting part, but God is HUGE! And friends are praying... you are praying right?

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joe hartsell said...

yep, i am praying. it's going to be sooo cool. GOD is huge indeed!

A servant of JESUS CHRIST,
Joe W Hartsell Jr