Friday, August 10, 2007

That's why we pray

Last night at our informal bible study with friends we talked about being discouraged and what to do about it. We read in 2 Corinthians where Paul talks about boasting in his weaknesses because that is where God is strongest and so he boasts about those areas of his life -because that is where God is working the most. (He's really boasting about God, get it?)

That got me to thinking. There are areas in my life (I didn't want to type "many areas" for fear of revealing too much) that I know are weaknesses, but I haven't given them to God as completely as Paul seems to have done. Not enough of God there yet, too much of me.

After we read that, I thought, "hmm, would the four of us be so courageous and honest to reveal to one another our weaknesses right now?" I remembered praying, "More of you, God and less of me." I know it has become cliche (ooo, there's a French word). But it is a better way to live. It has more freedom, joy and peace. And, as Kevin pointed out earlier, it doesn't depend on circumstances. Then we prayed for our friend's discouragement and restoration.

Circumstances are often not inconsequential. I have two friends right now that are at their breaking point, and have asked for intense prayer. If we believed with all we are, that prayer changes things, would we prayer differently than we do now? Kevin asked me that a few weeks ago. I have been thinking about that a lot. Yeah, I would pray "bigger". So now I do.

Please join us in praying big because we have a gracious God that loves to listen and answer. He is truly amazing.

I know this one is a bit all over the board and I apologize. I'll try to keep the "stream of consciousness" thing out of the blog in the future.
thanks for reading.

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joe hartsell said...

but I like the "streams of consciousness". :) good stuff right there. I think I remember that bible study. Sometimes I wonder if that is why GOD calls us to follow him. For to follow JESUS is such a huge calling. and huge callings often reveal to me how weak I really am. and yet this realization gives me the strength to follow

a servant of JESUS CHRIST,
Joe W Hartsell Jr