Thursday, August 2, 2007

Longer than this road I travel

Last night we were driving back from Kansas City listening to a song that was describing God's love as:

"Higher than this worldly place,
Deeper than my view of grace,
Longer than this road I travel,
Wider than the gap you fill."

"Longer than this road I travel" resonated with me especially, not just because we had spent a good deal of the day on the road but also because I sometimes - okay, often- think about how long it is taking us to raise our support to go to France. To be very honest and transparent with you it is when I think about what others must be thinking that I grow concerned (a trap the bible warns us about). But when I look at God, (and last night I imagined him standing a the end of a long road, smiling, with his hand out to me) I have a real peace. I LOVE change, and staying on a road that hasn't changed much in a few years, isn't easy for me. So to say that I have a peace, has got to be from the one who promises peace beyond understanding. (see Kevin's message on circumstances)

For instance, yesterday we were in KC with Chad and Traci meeting the Raspauds. Alain and Patricia are French Christians (not many of those) who put together an artistic outreach service in their church once a month for people who are testing the waters of Christian faith. They are dynamic, gracious, generous, insightful, kind, funny people! They spent hours yesterday talking to us about France, the French, politics, history, faith, art, language, music, ministry, church, Americans, get the picture. (Ironically, we forgot to get their picture!) It was an awesome experience that we could talk to someone like them with our teammates and get so much information before we go to the field.

Yes, God has his plan and his purposes, and I will humbly work here until his time for us to go to France has come. Thank you for your prayers. -Pat

PS: A special shout out to Bill for breaking into my know what I mean, William! Thanks.

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Bill said...

Oh just go sit down!! Maybe you should lock your car when you go to seedy places!