Saturday, August 11, 2007

As If It Matters

Been thinking about this for the last week, wanting to share it with you. Then my better half beat me to the punch. So just a few quick "Amen, sister" sorts of thoughts, mostly as a self-motivation.

It all started because of comments from Sandy and Steve and Mary, making me realize that people actually read what we write. I mean, really read it. Fits in with what I've been thinking about my own prayer life these days (for longer than I should; less thought, more action!).

What if I prayed like it really matters? (It does.)
What if I prayed like the God of the universe actually listened AND ACTED in response? (He does.)
What if I live my life as if I really can affect the lives of those around me when I act in concert with God and those prayers? (I can.)

'Nuff said. Pat's already fleshed it out for us. Shout outs this week to Roger, Kim (and Danielle), Marcie, Joe, and Don (for making it all go away).

And pray for opportunities for us to share more of our if it matters.

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Traci Jackson said...

Amen & amen!!! I would have left this comment under Pat's prayer entry, but she already had a comment & I didn't want you to get jealous - ha!!

I've read a quote that prayer is the greatest, largely untapped, power source that exists. I believe it. Thanks for the reminder, guys