Monday, July 2, 2007

What Keeps Us Up At Night

Okay, so those of you who know us, know that what really keeps me up at night is Restless Legs Syndrome. But, the following facts that I've been researching for a video we putting together (keep watching here for it) give me something to think about when I'm walking the floor.
  • The continent with the smallest percentage of its population trusting Christ: Europe -- 2.4%. (Since you'll wonder: North America - 30.3%; Latin America & Caribbean - 10.6%; Africa - 14.8%; Asia - 3.6%; Pacific Islands and Australia - 15.2%)
  • The odds that a stranger you meet is a disciple of Christ are greater in Vietnam, North Korea, Uganda, or China than in France.
  • The percentage of the population who know Christ is roughly the same in France and Saudi Arabia. (It's only a bit lower in Libya.)

Guess I know how to pray when I'm up at night.

And a big thanks to Kim, Danielle, Sasha (repeat offender), Big Jim, and Skip. You all know what you did. And it made a difference.

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