Monday, July 9, 2007

The Odds Are

Here's a piece of a video we're putting together about the need to share Christ in Western Europe. It's a 1-minute "intro" piece, but hopefully stands on its own as well. We think you'll discover some surprising facts. We did.


Chad Jackson said...

Tres Magnifique!

Thats a great piece of work there guys. Keep em' coming.

Mis amis,
Chad and Traci

natsnot said...

wow.... I think I want to move to France too! GREAT video, and I pray that God Blesses you with the opportunity to see the beginning of a revival born of excited converts that hear about our life-saving Jesus from loving Americans!

Pastor David HOpper said...

I like it, how can I get this to show my church and build some momentum?

JManLA said...

Beautiful. You two are doing are doing a great work. As I said on Sunday at church..."Each one is a soul, and a soul can't save itself!"


Anonymous said...

....penetrating, thought provoking, sad, astounding.....oh, may it awaken the Church out of her stupor...judy in D.C.