Thursday, July 26, 2007

Circumstantial Evidence

Faith ignores circumstances. What I mean is, I don't base my trust in God's promises on my perception of whether my glass is half-full or half-empty. That was my message when I preached out our home church on Sunday morning. You can listen here ( ) if you like, but it may lose a little something without the hammer, the large glass, and the cinder block altar. Oops, I guess that's what they call a "spoiler" but hey, I already told you the whole point. But, when I'm able to stop assessing the amount in my glass (since I no longer have a glass -- see above), then I'm freed up to see God working his plan in my circumstances.

And what are our circumstances? Support-raising taking longer than we'd thought ("wanted") actually lead to us getting teammates Chad and Traci. Termite damage in our house discovered after we sold it (ya' gotta read the June 26 post for that great story) lead to our being able to "hire" Joe for work when his real job unexpectedly dried up for a couple of weeks. This in turn helps him in his preparations for his joining us on our exploratory trip to Europe in September. (Stay tuned.) And some support leads that fizzled did lead to some networking that is going to help us more clearly define what our ministry in France can be like.

Is this just me trying to see the positive, trying to see my glass as half-full? I sure hope not. I hope it's me instead looking to the one who fills -- me. And he's up to something.

"Shout outs" this week to: Sheri, Patience (who ironically thinks she kept us waiting but she didn't), Roger, Joe, Jeff, and Hanna (in advance).

Troy tells me to share prayer requests in the posts, so here's one: I'm asking God to bring us $900 of monthly pledges in the next six weeks. This would mean when we step onto the plane to take this exploration trip, we'd be sitting at 75% of our total goal. Okay, let's pray.

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