Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What We Do...Who We Are

The masses have spoken (well, Troy and KJ) and we've started this blog to keep people who are interested in what we do updated on our antics. Had a moment of inspiration this morning and remembered these two photos, so I'm posting them as our first post. I think they convey what we do and who we are.

First, here's me in Milan, Italy, last summer on a project to photodocument the spiritual landscape in Western Europe -- and accidentally videotaping a drug deal "going down." Smooth. Oh, and I suppose that standing there holding my wife's shopping bag was part of my "cover". Yeah, 007 smooth. (Thanks to Cory for capturing this stellar moment with his camera.)

Now here's Pat, doing what she does best -- creating. In this photo she's painting a mural in southern Brazil. That year we spent our 20th anniversary in separate hemispheres, but she got to actually paint a mural about the purposes of the church -- in a public building. Wow. And the fact that it looks like stained glass adds a touch of irony we both love. (Thanks to Chellee for the photo.)

What do these photos illustrate? That we're willing to go, to sacrifice, even to risk looking foolish if it helps in some way to share the light of Christ.

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Anonymous said...

GOD BLESS you both and may you both be in France B-4 you know it