Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's a Group Thing

Sasha braved the pouring rain, delivering the chili her husband Dave had made for us. He’d made our dinner because of something Matt had said in their small group about how the occasional meal might help us. It was a group effort.

And what difference did one meal make for us? Plenty. Pat was able to concentrate on the video she’s editing and Kevin continued supporter database work. That left us time for the new Bible study that began in our home that night with Joe and Tom, who’s a new believer. Nothing formal about it, we all just read the Bible together and discuss. (God is using Tom to teach us some things about discipling.) So, Dave’s chili also fed Joe, who didn’t have time for supper before he came.

But it doesn’t stop there. We fed Joe more chili the next day when he came over to do some work on the house. Most people fix up their houses and then sell them but we’re trying it the other way. We’ve already sold it and are fixing a few things after the fact. Why? Because a couple in our church came to us several months ago saying God had told them to buy our house AS IS “in order to get you to the field faster.” Wow. Who were we to argue? And we now use part of the money from the sale to pay Joe for a few repairs. This helps him pay for his upcoming tour of potential places to serve God in Europe.

Chad (of “Chad and Traci,” our future teammates in France) asked me what the focus of this blog is to be. I want it to be about the chili meals that make a difference, about the group effort it is to get us to France. It’s about us all taking this journey together.

It’s about people like Helen, who came up to Pat one day at church to say she’d stopped taking her daily paper so she could contribute more towards our ministry. (Chili for supper, humble pie for dessert.) And the ironic twist? It was Helen’s husband who built this house many years ago. Like I said, it’s a group effort.


Jenni said...

God Bless. Looking forward to your updates (and humor)

Traci said...

I love your blog! Praise God for chili-makers - what a blessing. Can't wait to see you guys soon~ Traci (of Chad & Traci;)